The Judging Habit

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You’re constantly judging the world around you. Things are either good or bad, you like them or dislike them, they’re for you or against you, this judging habit has become so permanent you’re not even aware of it. You think you’re navigating life, you think living means judging. What this constant judging does is create distance between you and the object of the judging. it creates separation and solitude. You’re not actually living in the reality in front of you as it is, but in a reality in your mind, as you wanted to be. There are no limits in this reality in your mind, to what life should be, what it could be, what you want it to be, what’s right and what’s wrong, things in the past, things in the future. It’s an endless container of judging and self-judging. all judgments ultimately our self-judgments. You’re always of you and yourself as a centerpiece of that with your judge. Because judgment is comparing yourself. This constant comparison creates friction and loneliness. A picture of the world that is devoid of the freedom and the abundance all around you. You’re judging is so all-pervasive that you’re not aware that you’re living in a make-believe world, in constant resistance to what is actually happening around you, the reality in front of you. Fortunately, it’s easy to break your judging habit. All you have to do is become aware of yourself judgments. Every situation is a judgment about yourself, so when something triggers you you know it’s an opportunity to look within yourself. What is it inside of you that feels triggered by the situation? It’s usually a sense of lack some form of self-judgment, you’re not good enough, and that this enough, and I thought enough. You’re not enough. The sense of not enough comes from judging everything around you. You’re never enough if you’re constantly comparing yourself to everything, as opposed to seeing yourself as part of everything. Then you’re an expression of it, you’re part of it. There’s no greater feeling than being part of everything that exists.

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The Judging Habit


The Judging Habit