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Experiencing reality as it is in front of you opens you up to seeing the information clearly. When you’re living through the judging lens,  information is skewed. It’s constantly changing and shifting and morphing,  depending on whatever it is you’re judging. But when you’re connected to the reality in front of you, you see it clearly. You see the information that you’re working with accurately. Any action you take from this clear information is clear action. It is reliable, is connected to what actually is, and not prone to the rollercoaster of your judging habit. The reality of the situation tells you very clearly what the best course of action is. You don’t have to guess, you don’t have to wonder. It tells you. sometimes it tells you what the next step is, sometimes it tells you what the big next plan is. You’re not seeking your happiness in it, your happiness is in the experiencing of it, in the connection to being who you were designed to be. But you’re doing because you feel called to do. And the joy is in the doing.

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Clear Action


Clear Action