Past Lives

Sometimes becoming aware of the origin of your issue is enough to heal. Experiencing past lives can be incredibly powerful in just that way.

Extensive research has been done on the subject by Western academics such as Dr. Brian Weiss and Ian Stevenson. Past life regression therapy is becoming more commonplace as a therapeutic tool in the West. Of course, Eastern philosophies have espoused reincarnation since the early dawn of civilization.

Like all things in life, whether or not past life regression holds any value for you comes down to giving it a try. What prevents you from trying anything new in life, usually depends on how much judgment you carry about it. Unless there is needless and excessive risk of physical or emotional harm involved, few things in life are worth passing up, especially when it comes to exploring paths of personal growth and healing.

One indication of past lives is that some people come into life more self-realized than others. Even then, there seems to come a time in every person’s life when their interests shift in the direction of self-discovery. The mainstream concept of midlife crisis describes this time period in a person’s life.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong. Your journey is your journey. Sooner or later, this lifetime or another, all roads lead to you being you. The physical realm is more fun when you realize who you are designed to be. You spend less time negotiating situations and more time experiencing them. Your direction is clear and you are free to experience situations without getting bogged down by your attachment to the outcome.

Past life regression aside, when it comes to self-care you are always encouraged to explore all avenues of healing. You have to try it to see what resonates with you. Not only do different things resonate with different people, but different things resonate with you at different times of your life. Just because a book made you yawn a few years ago, doesn’t mean it can’t hold incredible meaning for you now. Experience reality as it is, as it contains all your options. The possibilities are endless, as endlessly creative is life. As long as you stay open there’s something out there that meets your needs.

Cast aside your judgments to cast the widest possible net. Let life show you everything it has to offer. It’s a place of abundance, limited only by your judgments about it. See your circumstances as they are and clear action always reveals itself.

How clear are you in this life?

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