Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is one of the most debilitating self-judgments. It can prevent you from ever taking the first step. Even if you do get started, it can torment you along the way.

Fear of failure sucks up an enormous amount of your energy. You spend countless hours imagining all the different scenarios of how you could fail, and countless more hours plotting how to avoid them. By the end of it, you’re exhausted with nothing to show for. You’ve killed your momentum, never even leaving the starting block.

Fearing failure gets you nowhere. It occupies your thoughts during the day and keeps you up at night. Your thoughts about what you think constitutes failure never leave you alone. Most often, those thoughts of what constitutes failure aren’t even your own. It’s what others, society deems as failure and you take it on as your truth.

When you fear failure, you can never win. You’re always in the negative. It is one of the biggest, most persistent stressors of your existence. You fear failure at home, at work, in school, with others and when you’re by yourself. It affects your self-image, your relationships, your view of the world, your abundance. You even fear failure when things are going well, or especially when things are going well. It takes the joy out of achieving. It sucks the life out of your successes. The mere idea that you might fail affects you mentally, emotionally and physically, even if you never actually “fail”. Fearing failure is a purely imagined state. All fear is.

There is no such thing as failure. Nor is there such a thing as success. There is only doing. There is only giving life to something and letting it go. Give it the space to become what it wants to become. Anything else is limiting your potential.

Don’t wait for outcomes. Keep doing. You cannot begin to know the path your doing can take you down. Nor would you want to. Life’s creativity is far grander than you can ever plan for. Don’t limit the heights your actions can take you to. Not judging is casting the widest net possible.

Judging is so cumbersome. It takes so much work. Why work so hard to limit yourself? Yet, you do just that. You attach your happiness to what you judge to be a success. You get depressed by thoughts of failure, even if they’re purely imagined. What a roller coaster your life is when you judge everything you do. It’s so much easier to give life to your inspirations and let them go! Your joy is in the doing, anyway. The doing is always in the now. Let outcomes be what they may be. When you don’t limit yourself with expectations, you might be surprised more often than not at what you can accomplish. Look forward to being surprised by life! Trust that it always works out the way it should. Because it does.

How surprised have you been lately?

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Fear of Failure


Fear of Failure