Life is absurdly creative. You look at a bunny rabbit hopping across the desert landscape and wonder how a bushy-tailed critter with extra-long ears and big feet couldn’t be more out of place in such an environment. Or any environment, for that matter. Or pop your head under the surface of a tropical beach and marvel at the breathtaking colors and shapes of endless variations of marine life. There are more organisms on land, in the sea, in the air, and in the farthest corners of the planet, than seem necessary for an ecosystem to work. And earth is just one planet out of potentially trillions.

Whatever energy is at work, it clearly gets a thrill out of being creative. It has no interest whatsoever in being ordinary or dull. There is not one thing in nature that is dull. And nature includes you! You are an expression of that incredible creative force. You are anything but ordinary and dull. If you’re not feeling spectacular and sparkling, it’s because your judging habit gets in the way of it.

Life doesn’t just create you and leave you high and dry. It doesn’t make you up and set you out to wander aimlessly and without purpose. You are not a one-time vomit of cells. Life continuously pours its creative energy into and through you. With every in-and-out breath, you can feel that energy surging through you. Whenever you’re not feeling that creative urge, it’s a sign your judging is cutting you off from it.

It’s not fun to try and force yourself to be creative. Perhaps you’ve experienced it, maybe under a tight deadline or when you’re just not in the mood. If so, you probably remember how bang-your-head frustrating forced creativity can be. But perhaps you’ve also experienced how ‘stepping away’ — mentally and physically — leads to solutions just popping into your head. Creativity does not come from thinking. It comes from an open mind. It comes from letting the creative energy of life flow through you. It can’t flow through you if you’re disconnected from life.

Creativity is what makes experiencing the physical realm so compelling. Combining the old into something new is what gives life forward momentum. Never ever think for a moment that you are not creative. You are an expression of pure creativity. You are deeply imprinted with creative purpose. Only your judging stands in the way of realizing your creative nature. Your judging results in things that hold you back, like fear of failure or setting expectations. The more you live in an unfiltered reality, the more you feel life’s creativity at work in you. You don’t need to quit your job and become an artist. You just need to stop resisting and become a participant in the creative masterpiece that is life. To be you is to be infinitely and magnificently creative.

How creative do you feel today?

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Few things are as painful as death. Be it of a loved one or your favorite pet. Even the end of a relationship can feel like death.

Illusion of Choice

The Illusion of Choice

To be you is always the obvious choice. When a choice is so obvious, it ceases to be a choice. Only your judging habit thinks you can choose not to be you.



Empathy is the ability to read other people’s emotions, so you can respond in a manner most appropriate for the situation.


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