Your Judging Habit

Your Judging Habit

Without question, you have a judging habit. If you are human, you judge. It’s only a question of how much.

You think you are going through life choosing. But actually, you’re going through life judging. Almost all the thoughts you have are judgments. I like this or I don’t like that. I want this or I don’t want that. You’ve come to see the entire world through judging eyes.

Your constant judging takes you out of reality. Instead of participating in the freshness of reality in front of you, you languish in the stories that repeat in your mind.

Your judging habit is the source of all your dissatisfaction in life. It keeps you trapped in the endless rollercoaster between good and bad, right and wrong, for you and against you. It makes you feel like you have to negotiate your way through the world.

Judging makes you lonely and you feel like something is missing. And there is. It’s you who’s missing from the picture. You’ve drifted off in your head while life is happening right in front of you.

It doesn’t matter if your judgments are positive or negative. Judgment is judgment. It happens so automatically, you’re not even aware of it. You think that judging is what life is all about.

Your judging habit is so ingrained, you think pushing away negative feelings makes them go away. But pushing them away is what makes them stronger.

Anything you resist distorts reality as it is. Resisting puts your focus on that which you don’t want in your experience. You can never get away from that which you judge. By judging, you give it power over you.

Your natural state is for your feelings to pass right through you. But when you judge, they get stuck inside of you. There they fester and grow. Fortunately, the moment you let yourself feel your feelings, stuck emotions start moving again.

Ultimately, judgments can only hurt you as long as you’re not aware of them. By noticing your judgments, you can break your judging habit and take back your power.

What have you been judging lately?

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Your Judging Habit


Your Judging Habit