Your Journey

Your journey is the way back to yourself. It’s the process of peeling back the layers of self-judgment to realize who you are designed to be.

The world around you puts many ideas into your head. It impresses you with things like knowledge, wealth, fame, and freedom. The truths of science are imprinted on you from an early age through education and media. Ideas of success and fear of failure enter your mind and increasingly dictate the way you go about setting goals for yourself in life.

By the time you enter adulthood, you’re entirely focused on finding purpose in the world around you. There must be something out there that completes you fully. The day is sure to come when all the pieces that make you happy fall into place.

So you set about putting those pieces into place. You control and manipulate people and things in your environment, trying to get them to line up with your ideas of what that perfect happy picture is.

But soon enough, you start to sense that something isn’t working. The pieces you put into place keep moving. Or new ones appear that capture your imagination, and you modify the picture to fit them in. Either your circumstances keep changing, or you keep changing your plans. Nothing ever stands still. Year after year goes by. That day when all the pieces fall into place, never seems to come.

The start of your journey is when you recognize that making your happiness dependent on things in the world around you is a losing battle. And why should it feel like a battle in the first place? Does life need to be a fight, a constant negotiation with your environment?

As soon as these questions arise in you, a deeper wisdom starts to emerge. There must be a better way. If you can’t get the world to make you happy, what can you do? What are you really looking for in all of this?

What you are looking for is a deep sense of self, of knowing who you are. Behind everything you do is your desire to be who you are designed to be. You know it’s there, that person inside of you who is already whole and complete. You’re just trying to find a way to reach that place and connect with them, and be them. You just want to be you.

Your journey of self-realization is an incredible adventure of discovering who you really are. The source of life that has designed you is also the source that reveals you to yourself. All you have to do is look and listen.

Let your journey begin.

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Your Journey


Your Journey