All judgment revolves around the concept of truth. Without a truth to defend, there would be no need for judgment.

But the judging mind’s truth is arbitrary. It can be whatever you decide it to be. The next person has a completely different set of truths, and they defend it as if there was no other.

If you judge a constantly changing world, your truths are bound to be constantly changing. Like a game of whack-a-mole. One moment it could be one thing, the next moment it can be another thing. But for the time during which you hold something as true, you cling to it like your life depends on it. Everyone else is doing the same. Everyone believes they have found the ultimate, final truth. But life is always on the move and your truth is bound to change.

Looking for and maintaining your truths is hard work. The world is changing and evolving, so the messages you receive keep changing direction. Everyone is trying to elicit an opinion from you. It takes a lot of energy to sift through it all and pick out what’s true for you at this time. Anything you decide to make your truth is in constant competition with a gazillion of other potential truths. Every day you wake up to having to defend your truths or formulate new ones.

Whatever truth you decide on, you always consider the latest version permanent and undeniable. This is it! This is the one! If someone dares to question it, you become defensive and perceive it as an all-out attack on your identity. That’s because you attach your happiness to your truths. You forget that they aren’t even your own. They are impressions you pick up from your environment.

As if an ever-changing world isn’t enough, you yourself are also always changing. The person you are today is entirely different from the one five years ago. If you’re not, then you’re not human.

Truths based on judgment are as fickle as all judgment is. The truth of life in front of you, however, is irrevocable. It’s your wanting to revoke it that gives you grief. Distorting reality with your judging is what causes you suffering. Experience the unfiltered reality in front of you. The truth of it is right there in plain sight. When you’re participating in life, there is no room for elaborate stories. See the situation as it is, and you see yourself as you are.

As you experience the truth of what’s in front of you, you experience what’s true for you. Take clear action and realize yourself. To be you is the ultimate truth.

How truthful are you?

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