Triggers are here to make you grow. They are opportunities to free yourself of your judgments, so you can be who you are designed to be.

Whenever you feel triggered by something, it’s a sign you carry judgment about it. Judging takes you out of reality. The more judgment you carry, the more disconnected you feel. When you’re disconnected from reality, you can’t receive the trust and purpose it provides. You are left to try and negotiate your way through life. You’re always trying to figure things out. You look for your permanent self in things that aren’t permanent. Life can’t help you when you are lost to it.

Life is designed to guide you. Just like the sun is designed to be the sun, so are you designed to be you. All you have to do is look and listen. But every time you judge, you’re reacting. You’re not aware of anything else, other than that which you are reacting to. Because you continuously judge, you’re always in a reactive state.

Triggers are the crucial connection point between what you know about yourself and what you don’t. To realize yourself more, you need to become aware of that which you’re unaware of. The moment you become aware of your judgments, they lose their grip on you, and you take back your power.

You don’t need to solve anything. Nor do you have to figure yourself out. You just have to live your life. The triggers come right to your door. It’s a simple and effective mechanism to evolve your awareness, built right into living. Triggers push you down the path of self-realization. You are on that path, whether you know it or not. Everybody is.

It’s no fun feeling triggered. But that’s not the point of it. The bigger the trigger, the bigger the judgment it points to, and the greater the opportunity to realize something about yourself. Once you are aware of your judgment, you are free to see the situation clearly, and you can take clear action.

Learn to embrace your triggers. Your life would be stagnant without them. The people and things that trigger you are gifts from life. Every moment of every day, they show you the way forward.

What’s your biggest trigger?

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