Positive Thinking

Think Positive

You’ve probably heard someone say think positive! Countless books have been written on the subject. And for good reason. It seems pretty straightforward. The way you feel at the end of the day is the sum total of all the thoughts you have throughout the day. Some of these thoughts are positive, some are negative. It would make sense that the more positive thoughts you have, the better you feel overall. The trouble is, positive thoughts are also judgments. Judging something to be positive doesn’t make it non-judgment. Whether you deem something good or bad, you are still judging. Judging…

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Illusion of Choice

The Illusion of Choice

To be you is always the obvious choice. When a choice is so obvious, it ceases to be a choice. Only your judging habit thinks you can choose not to be you.

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Your judging habit is by far your biggest source of stress. Every judgment is a reaction to something you feel triggered by.

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Think Positive


Think Positive