Your Realized Self

Your Realized Self

Your fully realized self is the version of you without your judgments. It’s who you are designed to be. Just like planets and stars are designed to be planets and stars, so are you designed to be you.

Once in awhile, you meet someone who an intangible quality that captivates you. You might describe it as charming, charismatic or even deep. Whatever you call it, it’s very attractive. People gravitate to those who exhibit this quality. They embody a certain fluidity, a confidence in who they are. They live life from a bigger perspective, without overthinking it. Good things seem to come to them, with little effort.

Being able to roll with things, letting go of them as easily as they come, is a much sought after skill. It promises to bring relief from the self-induced pressures of life lived from judgment. Being in the presence of someone who embodies this ability feels nourishing because experiencing unfiltered reality is nourishing. Being able to see life for what it is means being able to see yourself for who you are. And who you are is beautiful, perfect and complete.

But your judging habit makes you think otherwise. It takes you out of reality, interfering with you seeing life as it is, and realizing yourself as you are. Realizing yourself doesn’t mean you need to transform yourself into someone you’re currently not. Realizing who you are means being more of who you already are. You don’t have to move mountains. You don’t have to become superman or superwoman. All you have to do is realize – that place you’re trying to get to – you are already there.

Your purpose in life is to realize yourself. It’s the journey of bringing out the best in you because life brings out the best in all.

How realized are you feeling today?

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Your Realized Self


Your Realized Self