Illusion of Choice

The Illusion of Choice

To be you is always the obvious choice. When the obvious choice is so obvious, it ceases to be a choice. Only your judging habit thinks you can choose not to be you.

Judging creates the illusion of choice. When your head is full of a million judgments, you think you could be a million things. You forget that you only want to be one thing: the person you are designed to be.

Just like the bird, the tree, the planets, and the sun are designed to be themselves, so are you designed to be you. The choice of not being you doesn’t seem like a choice, at all. In theory, you could make the choice not to be you. But in the end, it’s just a longer journey. The road always leads back to your fully realized self. If you choose to go against the current of life, it just takes longer to realize yourself. Your constant judging makes you sick and stressed, so sooner or later you stop resisting and return to a life of balance.

Your judging habit loves to have choices. Having choices means more judgment. The more you’re required to choose, the more you are required to judge. Choice makes you believe that you have control over your life. But it’s only a blanket excuse to keep judging. Every day, you go out into life and make choices in hopes of discovering your happiness. But choices don’t make you happy. They make you judge and compare. You cannot choose without judging. You think you are going through life choosing, but really you’re going through life judging.

Not having a choice doesn’t mean your life is boring. On the contrary. It means your life has direction. Being you is all the direction you need. It’s your primary purpose. Then you’re truly free. What you do in the physical realm is secondary.

What choices are you making?

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The Illusion of Choice


The Illusion of Choice