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I work in an industry I morally object to. What should I do?

Whenever you feel triggered by something at work, it’s an opportunity to become aware of your judgments about it.

The first step is always to notice your judgment about the situation that triggers you. It might be a small thing, it might be a big thing. It could be many things. Whatever it is, when something triggers you, create awareness around your judgments about it. Your judgments always revolve around a feeling of rightness and moral superiority. No matter how obvious the situation is, no matter if 7.8 billion other people would agree with you, judging is judging. It’s the judging that keeps you from seeing the situation as it is.

As soon as you notice your judgments about a situation, you feel less triggered, less reactive. It creates an opening to see what’s in front of you as it is. Focus on what’s in front of you and examine what the dynamic is telling you. It might say to you loud and clear that this is not a good fit and that you should be looking for new opportunities elsewhere. A whole new life path could open up for you because that one crummy job is pushing you into a new direction. You never need to question why you find yourself in the situations you find yourself in. You can’t know life’s gameplan based on the current play.

But the situation might also say that you are in the perfect spot to be a change agent at your work. Most of the time, your judgments represent your own emotional baggage. As you heal your baggage, situations that you previously wouldn’t consider staying in, suddenly become manageable, if not inspiring.

It’s through this changed you, that you bring change into the organization. You don’t have to go ringing a loud bell, campaigning for this or against that. Just in the course of normal, everyday interactions, the people around you pick up your more realized self. They pull from that the things they are ready to integrate for themselves. Nothing is more inspiring to others than you being inspiring to yourself.

Be you. Be inspiring.

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I work in an industry I morally object to. What should I do?


I work in an industry I morally object to. What should I do?