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How do I meet the love of my life? #tiredofdating

Relationships are one of the great accelerators on your journey of self-realization. You get together with others to grow in the name of love. Meeting the love of your life is a somewhat over-the-top concept. Meeting the love you’re ready for is much more grounded. The work you put into your own growth and healing, comes back to you, not least in the form of relationships. Your task is to not let judgments lead you into situations that aren’t for your highest good. Every day you spend pursuing relationships that don’t serve you, is time spent not being you. Whether…

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Science takes the magic out of life. The sole purpose of science is to define and label things. It seeks to rationally understand how everything works.

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Unfiltered Reality

You think you’re paying attention to whatever it is you’re doing. But you’re not. You’re judging. You’re not seeing reality as it is.

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Life doesn’t just create you and then leave you to wander aimlessly without a purpose. You are not a one-time vomit of cells.

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Fear of Change


On one hand, you welcome change you agree with. It keeps the future open for things you want. But you reject change for things you already have in place.

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How do I meet the love of my life? #tiredofdating


How do I meet the love of my life? #tiredofdating