Clear Action

Clear Action

When you live life through the lens of judgment, you constantly feel like you must take action to make things happen. You live with the fear that if you don’t make life happen, life happens without you. Of course, life cannot happen without you when you’re participating in it. Only when you resist you take yourself out of it.

By experiencing unfiltered reality you stay open to life’s limitless possibilities. Being open doesn’t mean blindly accepting everything that comes along. It doesn’t mean you should surrender to whatever life brings. Being open means seeing the situation free of judgments. You don’t realize how much your judging is clouding your vision. But when you take in a situation free of judgment, you see reality clearly. Any action you take from there is clear action.

There are no mystical powers at work here. When you respond to the actual circumstances in front of you, undiluted by the stories in your head, you see every situation clearly. You see what’s right for the situation, and what’s right for the situation is right for you. You are an active participant in life.

Life wants you to be an active participant. You’re not designed to be passive. It wants you to be open and in a receiving state. It wants you to see clearly, so you can act clearly. Feeling your feelings ensures that you stay connected to reality.

Clear action always reveals itself to you. You don’t need to force it. Life is inherently clear. Only your judging creates confusion. Whenever you take action based on judgments, you are not serving your highest good, because judging never serves anyone’s highest good. Judging creates friction and disorientation. Acting on judgments creates more friction and disorientation.

Notice your judgments and see reality for what it is. Take action from that place of clarity. Recognize that what’s best for the situation, is best for you. You are an expression of the inherent clarity of life. When you align yourself with that clarity, you realize yourself.

How clear are you?

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Clear Action


Clear Action