Clean Living

Clean Living

Everyone value the idea of clean living as something to strive for. But thinking you’re not good enough as you are can make things difficult.

From alcohol to recreational drugs to prescription drugs, all forms of intoxication are propelled by self-judgment. Even food can be a drug. You indulge because you feel like who you are is not good enough, that something is missing and you need to enhance your sense of self. Or you don’t want to feel your feelings, so you alter your state. Or you flat out don’t like yourself, and you just want to escape. Even if just temporary, escaping you is better than being you.

But difficult emotions – such as low self-esteem and lack of direction or passion – don’t get resolved by getting high or overindulging. You’re just numbing your feelings, which doesn’t make them go away. Feelings get resolved by feeling them, as purely and accurately as possible. They should be felt as soon as they appear, so they can pass through you. Remember, you don’t have to believe what you feel. Feeling your feelings doesn’t make them true. But if you don’t let yourself feel them, they get stuck in you. You feel isolated and lose sight of your journey. You lose sight of who you are designed to be.

Life provides you with an incredibly simple and effective blueprint for healing your trauma and realizing yourself. You just have to stay connected to what’s in front of you. Stay connected and life responds with clarity. Choice only exists in the eyes of your judging habit. All you have to do is listen and take clear action.

When you see life clearly, you see yourself clearly. To see yourself clearly is what you are in search of. It’s why you do drugs in the first place. Except, doing drugs usurps your clarity. It distorts what is and superimposes an artificial reality.

Some people argue that artificial highs can give you a glimpse of that deep connection, to help inform your life choices when you come back down. That’s like saying you need to stumble through a dark forest with a pen flashlight, when there’s a giant floodlight pointed rig hut at you at all times. You’re just blind to it because you’re stuck in the weeds of your judgments. You spend most of your time in stories, not the reality in front of you.

The root of all drug use is I’m not good enough as I am. But you cannot manifest health and abundance from a place of lack. You think you can get life to give you more, by feeling less. But that gets your vibrational field all confused. You cannot find yourself by denying yourself.

The only clear and sustainable frequency is that of life itself. All the things that obscure how clearly you see what’s in front of you diminish the quality of your connection. See clearly and act clearly. To be you is the ultimate high.

How clean are you living?

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Clean Living


Clean Living