The world is a place of infinite abundance. It takes a whole lot of judging not to see it. But a whole lot of judging is what you do.

It doesn’t matter how many insects and birds and blades of grass and raindrops and ocean critters and mountain ranges and trees and clouds and oxygen molecules surround you, morphing and mutating endlessly over time, your judging habit limits your outlook to the object of your judging. At the moment of judging, nothing else exists than that which you judge. And because you’re judging all the time, you get to see very little. Almost nothing, in fact. All the abundance of life is passing you by.

Your judging habit shuts everything else out. You judge one thing after another as it comes along. Things can’t just come and go — you have to form an opinion on everything. Meanwhile, life keeps unfolding and unfolding. Endless new moments, fresh, sparkling, one after the other. Life is happening, overflowing right there in front of you. But you’re blind to it. You don’t see all this abundance of newness. All you see is whatever you’re judging.

Your head is in a cloud of confusion when life is beaming with clarity. Your outlook is stale and boring when life is anything but that. You fear scarcity when life is anything but scarce. You think you need to fight and negotiate with life when all it wants is to embrace you. You are dissatisfied with living while standing smack dab in the middle of utter abundance. It borders on the ridiculous. But you don’t live in that abundance. You live in the stories in your head.

These stories are full of lack, of feelings that you’re not enough. They don’t paint life as a limitless canvas. They don’t point to your place in it. All you see is a shrinking world where there isn’t enough of anything to go around. Living through judgment is casting a very small net for yourself.

Cast aside your judgments and see all that life has to offer. Only your judging habit stands in the way of feeling worthy of receiving this incredible abundance. It’s all about feeling abundant, anyway. Material wealth is not an indicator of abundance. Feeling abundant is your primary responsibility. What your abundance looks like, is not your concern. The moment you focus on what you don’t have, you reinforce not having it.

The most abundant feeling is realizing who you are designed to be. The more you participate in reality, the more you realize yourself.

Abundance is all around you. Stay focused on experiencing the unfiltered reality in front of you. Don’t judge and resist life, participate in it. Your abundance depends on it.

How abundant do you feel?

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