Be Your Design

Be True to Your Design

You might remember someone telling you to just be yourself ahead of a job interview or other important life situation. In those few simple words, the ultimate wisdom is contained. Which is, be true to your design and nothing can go wrong.

You cannot be more, than you. You cannot give more than to give yourself. When you are who you are designed to be, you can’t blame yourself for the outcome. Whatever happens, is meant to be. You can trust that everything works out.

Everything works out, not because there exists some mystical power that responds to your blind faith in it, but because when you are you everything already is alright. You are being you. Being you is what you’re after, to begin with. And now you’re doing it! You are being you. You’re relieving yourself of the pressure, fear, and expectations of not being you.

When you’re not being you, you come across as inauthentic and unnatural. Everyone around you can feel it. Most importantly, you can feel it. Not being you makes you nervous and unsure of yourself. But why wouldn’t you be nervous? Why wouldn’t you be fearful? You’re not being yourself! Of course not being yourself is scary. When you’re not being true to your design, you’re in a state of self-denial. No wonder you judge the world. Not wonder you don’t trust life. Great confidence, wisdom and trust flow from this connection. In the absence of it, you feel fear and self-doubt.

You want your life to be great. But realize you already are great. Judging cuts you off from your own greatness, from being the person you are designed to be.

You are happening every moment, just as life is happening every moment. The same forces that design the oceans and the mountains and the stars and the planets are designing you. You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to figure out your life before it happens.

There’s no use resisting life.  There’s no use judging it. Participate in it, instead. The ride of your life is waiting for you to get in. Be who you are designed to be. Be you.

Are you ready to be you?

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Be True to Your Design


Be True to Your Design