I am incredibly excited and grateful your path has led you here. Life is magical and your experience of yourself should be nothing less.

My wish is to motivate you to be your most authentic self, to release any self-limiting beliefs, and to help you return to your natural state of love, peace, and well-being, so that you may have the greatest positive impact on the world around you. There is no greater purpose than to be the person you’re meant to be.

I look forward to being a part of your journey, as much as you are part of mine.

Much love,

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My Journey

I’ve been practicing Vipassana meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka since 2015. I came to it because all the things society says lead to happiness, didn’t. Chasing outcome after outcome left me feeling empty and burnt out. There had to be a better way to live life.

After exploring many forms of meditation, I found Vipassana to be the most effective method of getting to the root of the mind’s conditioned reactivity. Today, Vipassana lays the foundation for my courses and teachings.

I have studied with and learned from many of the luminaries of our time, including Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Brian Weiss, A Course in Miracles, Abraham, and countless others who have inspired me along the way.

I’m a graduate of the Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening and hold a certificate for Meditation Teacher Training from the Yoga Alliance (YACEP). 


My Practice

Meditation is never about denying one’s feelings. It’s about becoming more mindful and aware of them, so that they no longer rule you. Instead of reacting to a situation because you want it to be different, meditation helps you respond to what’s actually in front of you so you can deal with it efficiently and effectively.

You don’t have to give up your current life to become good at meditation. I recommend starting with 15 minutes in the morning and evening and letting the results inspire you from there.

The more you put into your practice, the more you develop a calm and clear mind for everyday situations. Every minute spent less in reactivity, every minute spent less lost in thought, is a minute you gain back to be the person you’re meant to be and live the life you’re meant to live. 

You bring your mindful self to everything you do. It makes you better at your career, your art, your sport, your passions, even the things you don’t like doing. It makes you a better person with friends and family. It makes you better at life.

Truly Happy!

I’m truly happy with Chris’s coaching. I also highly recommend his courses.“

Carla H.

Life Changing

I’m so grateful for Chris sharing his kindness and inner beauty with the world. 💜💜💜  It has really changed my life 😍

Ida H.

So intuitive!

Thank you, Chris, you’re so intuitive 😍 just for the sake of creating with no outcome needed – that is what true freedom is and it is healing you are so gifted thank you for what you do 🙏💫💕

Cat F.

Favorite Mentor!

“Who are your favorite mentors and thought leaders? Mine are Gary Vee, Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Chris Cirak, just to name a few!”

Stacie Meyer

Great experience

It was a great opportunity to meet others and make new friends! We all share a deep bond after taking Chris’ workshop.

Lonnie S.

Feeling Blessed!

I feel beyond blessed to have connected with Chris. He truly has a limitless mind that reaches into every aspect of life and beyond.


Profound experience

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to design/craft/problem-solve with my hands and from my deeper intuition. I can already see the changes in my life!

R. Price


Through Chris’ teachings, I’ve learned that forgiveness is the ultimate act of self-love. When we forgive, we let go of all the hurt, negativity, and stuck feelings that are holding us back from being ourselves. Chris’ teachings have transformed my life, and I’ll be forever grateful to Chris for helping me in my journey.


Genuine fun

Chris is genuine in his interactions with participants. Pleasant, joyful, insightful, and present. He’s very invested in the creative growth of those that attend his workshops.

A. J.

Nurturing & Compassionate

I got a strong sense of compassion from Chris and that he wanted us to be happy with the session. What a nurturing experience!

Kathy O.

So motivating!

Chris’ teachings are motivating me to become a better version of myself ..Thank you sooooo much, God bless 🙌

Divya Mantri

Awesome soul!

Sir 😊✌️ you are an awesome soul! ✨ Your messages and smiles are healing 💫 Indeed! Pure bliss ✨ ✨ Thank you 🌹

T Nepho

Keep inspiring people!

Thank you! Your messages are such an inspiration and really a good motivator. I’m on my healing stage due to a recent breakup with my 4-yr relationship and the first message I saw when I opened my Instagram is “You are meant to heal” and the message really hit me hard. Keep inspiring people! 😊

Irmgard D.

So motivating!

I love the way you speak. It motivates me a lot. I hope it motivates other people the same way. But I really feel each and every word of yours. You are doing a great job. Thank you, Sir!

Dr. Diptakshi

Huge Meaning

I just love your quotes because you write them in single lines but with huge meaning. People do not have to read large paragraphs!

Dr. Diptakshi

So much insight

I appreciate Chris’ way of understanding life and the way he helps people lead a peaceful life. Keep motivating us and thanks a lot!

Dr. Diptakshi

Brilliant Beyond Measure

Chris, you are brilliant beyond measure. I appreciate you.

Sani G.

Powerful and Meaningful

Dear Chris, your words are very deep, powerful, and meaningful. I wish you endless happiness, joy, success, and everything else your heart desires! 🙏💞

Arti J.

Beautiful Soul!

I can bet my life there are probably so many people you’ve touched that just haven’t said anything and that is the most beautiful selfless act a human can make. You have an amazingly beautiful soul and I know that nothing but good will come for you! 💞💫💕


Who are you sir?

I think you are a messenger of God



Thank you so much, Chris. Everything you say really resonates. Grateful to you for the way in which you have brought it out in a simple understandable form and also shown the way out of it. Many of us have experienced it but due to lack of clarity kept putting ourselves in the same loop over and over again. Thank you once again for bringing this clarity.


Daily reminder

Thank you for helping me in my personal development. 😊 People like you help others “grow back into their own self”. Thank you so much for your daily reminder and support, Chris. 💗

Julia K.

Just Beautiful!!

Chris, you have beautiful words, a beautiful brain, a beautiful heart, and beautiful life. Thank you so much, everything you say is beautiful 💖💖💖💖💖💖


Love yourself first

Thank you much once again, Chris. 💖 Everyone in this world must self-love first. I always remember in my mind, everyday “if you love yourself, you love life” – Chris Cirak 💖💖💖💖💖


Just wow 🙌🙌

Your writeups are just wow 🙌 It always comes at the right hour, I must say! 👏

Shweta Mahani

Amazing Message!

Every problem has a solution and your words are beautiful in that way 🙌  Such an amazing message to believe in self-decision 👏👏👏👏

Veena CM

Like a hug!

Chris, your words are like a hug ❤️

Padma Rathi

Thank you so much!

THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS…. you taught me the true way of how to love myself. How to feel my feelings. I find more and more strength and confidence from within. And every day my love and independence are increasing towards abundance. Thank you so much, lotsa luv and hugs.



Your quotes are too small but with big meaning. 😇 I’m in love with your inspiring message. 🥰

Shruti M

Motivating like hell

Chris is motivating me like hell. Beautiful work, the work of self-realization. Love you Chris ❤️🙌

Ashu P.

Great Inspiration!!

I love seeing your posts first thing in the morning!!! You’re a great inspiration!!! Many blessings and love to you!!!! 🤲❤️😌✨✨

Joyce L.

Thank you, Chris!

I’ve always been stuck in my past life. Always haunted me. Thank God not anymore. Thank you, Chris! Your work saved me 💜💜💜


Amazing personality

Amazing personality with amazing knowledge, more power to you man ❤️❤️❤️🙌

Salawat Khan

Let your light shine!!

Be amazing, Chris, and let the light 🕯🙏🏽 shine on you always. We need more people like you, have a blessed day 💯

Michelle B

Keep sharing

You really get me motivated whenever I listen to you… Keep sharing… keep motivating… keep spreading positivity ☺️🙏 💐

Chaya Lnd

Powerful and Peaceful

Chris, all your speeches are very powerful and peaceful ❤️❤️



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